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Hi,  I'm Seana
Welcome to Furiosa Studio


 I started my journey of being a hairstylist because of my sister, Talya.

I started feeling like I was ready for a change, and of coarse I spoke to my sister about it.

Talya and I knew I couldn't work behind a desk. I needed to be moving around and being creative. 

So she said "you should think about cosmetology school".

I had been a professional belly dancer for about 10 years, performing festivals, weddings and parties.

 So I was knowledgeable in make-up and

styling hair

So I thought about cosmetology, for a year!

Decided to go, and have never looked back. Best thing I have ever done for myself. 

  I specialize in the art of Less is More.

I love showing you how to style your hair with one maybe. two products that will allow you to air dry or blow dry getting the results you are looking for. All the while using botanical and skin friendly products.

 I have gone through a  2 1/2 year advanced cut and color  program at a highly respectable salon in San Francisco that is known for their sun kissed, beachy hair painting,
and razor hair cutting.
I love the natural sexiness of hand painted highlights paired with a haircut that air dries

with that perfect undone organic look.

 A few random things about me. As you read earlier, I was a bellydancer for about 10yrs. I have a healthy obsession with vintage jewelry and I was raised in Santa Cruz, so I can sit and watch the ocean for hours.
And I can't forget my 2 cats Biggie and Rude who make me laugh on the regular and always brighten up my day.  


If enhancing your natural beauty through hand painted low maintenance color and personally tailored haircuts then click the button below to get started.

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