To Furiosa Studio

My mission is to create low-maintenance, lived in healthy hair while providing a space that is relaxing & eco friendly.  

 I am a Certified Green Salon, through an amazing company called Green Circle Salons. This means about 90% of materials used in my studio are recycled, or diverted from land fills.

Furiosa Studio is based in Austin, Tx.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 12.23.34 PM.png

 A peaceful and

calming studio, where you can come unwind, and relax.


A great place to have some YOU time.


Furiosa studio is proud

to offer an environment


that uses products that


are Eco conscience;


Earth and Environment


friendly & Cruelty Free. 


Furiosa Studio is a part of Green Circle Salons.  All hair, foils, extra color, gloves and PPE are recycled and reused for cleaning up oils spills and creating useable energy.


 I use Davines, an eco friendly line for my Masks, Treatments, Shampoo & conditioners. Everything they make is in recyclable or compostable containers. Along with supporting local farms for their ingredients.  

 I also carry Hairstory, an amazing company that believes less is more.  A suds free/detergent free, biodegradable cleanser that is Aloe Vera based, called New Wash, and 6 styling products that are all hydrating and gentle on hair. Less waste, better for the environment.

Last but definitely not least is Cult + King! An amazing non-toxic botanical based styling line. No plastic used, all products are in bamboo, glass or aluminum! 

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