Hi there,  I'm Seana


Welcome to Furiosa Studio! 

Proudly serving the Austin community.

As someone who easily gets distracted by life.
I know how important it is to carve out some time to be taken care of in a relaxing & chill space all to yourself.
Don't worry I got you.
I have designed my studio to create a
great YOU experience. 

I have happily been a hairstylist since 2009 and am still finding new tricks & tips that keep me loving this craft and my clients. I specialize in personally tailored natural haircuts that grow out wonderfully and natural hand painted balayage. I have made a promise to myself to always invest in education every year to stay inspired and in love with this craft. 

I have yet to break that promise to myself.

While it is standard these days to offer a great first visit and solid maintenance care.

I see my role as your stylist a bit differently.

I love working together with all of my guest to create a haircare plan that will ensure your cut, color and style look fresh always.

There won't ever be a time where you feel bored or stuck in a routine.

I will always be checking in throughout the year to see if any inspirations or issues have come up and we will work together on them.


When I am not at the studio I am honestly such a home body. I love being home with my boyfriend & my 2 cats (Biggs & Rude). They keep me completely entertained, lol. 

I am often in my kitchen playing with herbs and oils or on the weekends you might run into me at the Farmers Markets buying anything crafted or farmed locally.

Click here to check out my service menu or to book an appointment. 

If you have any questions, I am here for you.

Email me at seana@furiosastudio.com